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What Is GingyBeans...

It's not a spice or a legume. GingyBeans was the pet name we gave our beloved, 65 pound mixed breed puppy, Ginger. All dogs are special, unique and precious, but Ginger was a star that shone a little brighter in our lives. Maybe it was because in November, 2001 we picked her up along the side of a busy interstate (getting ready to head out into traffic) at barely 8 weeks old. Maybe it was because she so quickly, easily and completely won over my aging, occasionally cantankerous dad. Maybe it was her regal beauty or her royal attitude or her way of seeming to commune with nature when she sat quietly in the middle of her backyard, wind blowing her silky, russet and black coat, ignoring everyone as she contemplated the universe. Whatever it was, Ginger stole all of our hearts from the very first look into her sweet, soft eyes. She was pampered and spoiled, along with her little brother, Cain (a rescued springer-spaniel) and Alley (the cat who begrudgingly endured her wild and painful puppy years). Always fed the best grain-free food and treats we could afford, given vitamins and supplements for a healthy digestive and immune system and taken regularly to a wonderful veterinarian. So, in late June of 2013, when an odd little cough found us sitting in her vet's office, we were sure it was nothing more than allergies. Dr. Davis was sure it was nothing as well, but suggested a chest x-ray to rule out anything else. Ginger walked out with the lab assistant and came back about 10 minutes later, tail wagging, happy to see us. We waited and talked to her and laughed until Dr. Davis came back into the room with a startled, grim look on his face. He just said, "it isn't good". He showed us the x-ray of her lungs, peppered with dozens of white spots. He said it's probably lung cancer, very advanced, no way to be certain without sticking a needle into her chest to get a biopsy, but he was reasonably sure and at this stage there really wasn't a good treatment option. We were stunned, speechless. How does a dog get lung cancer? We are a non-smoking family and she had been cared for like a princess. How could this happen? 
The next two weeks saw Ginger rapidly deteriorate. By July 14th, two months before her 12th birthday, Ginger's breathing had become so labored she could no longer lie down comfortably. She was suffering and we had to make that horrible decision to let her rest. Dr. Davis came to the house on a beautiful, sunny Sunday and gave her peace. The emptiness that followed has never really been filled. 

GingyBeans original designs are printed on people shirts and dog shirts in a little town just east of St. Louis, MO...called Troy, IL.

The founders of GingyBeans love ALL animals and all breeds, but we are particularly committed to ending animal neglect and abuse, and fully support pet rescue and adoption. As a result, many of our products reflect this commitment.

We are a proud supporter of Partners For Pets and Hope Animal Rescues, local shelters doing wonderful work rescuing animals and rehabilitating them before finding their new forever homes. Please visit their websites and FaceBook pages, and make a donation directly to them...see bottom of the page for links.

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-Debbie & Carla (aka GingyBeans)


Proud Supporters of Partners for Pets and Hope Animal Rescues